About Us

Welcome to our website, Beverly Jones Face and Hair Protector for protecting clothing garments while you dress.  This unique patented product is made of lace, machine washable, reusable, and made in the USA. 

What’s frustrating about makeup on your clothes? It happens all the time.  Our beauty protector benefits are:

  • Quick & Easy to use
  • Saves you time and money
  • Less stress when you dress
  • No makeup smudges or stains
  • Keeps hair & makeup perfectly in place while you dress
  • Machine washable & reusable

My goal is protecting your hair, makeup and your loveliness that you created, while you dress.

The Beauty Protector was created and designed out of my own need. I realized that Others  enhance their beauty, struggle just as I do when putting on over-the-head-clothing.

Our Protector is a unique product and it works!  The beauty Protector is a time saver, and makes dressing and changing quick, painless and EZ!  The Protector can be folded up and taken with you every where you go! 

 So, this is how it works, and it works every time successfully!!  Style your hair and apply makeup, and then you simply put the protector on over your head and face. Then put on your dress or blouse, remove the Protector, and you are ready to go out of the door, or get in your comfy clothes.

Beauty Protector keeps hair and makeup perfectly while you dress,  and there are Absolutely no stains on your clothing, and your hair stays in place too!  Hooray!!!

Beverly Jones Beauty Protector makes life simple, easier and better.  It removed stress, when you dress. My beauty Protector products gives peace of mind, and are sold here on Shopify.

 I hope you will try my product and love it as I do! Tell a family member, colleague and friend. The Face, Makeup and Hair Protector is like a good movie, it’s so good, you got to tell people about it!

Our second item, Leg Purse is also uniquely designed by Beverly Jones and conceals under your clothing.  Leg Purse is worn discreetly and is a hideaway underneath your dress, skirt, slacks, etc. Made of spandex with elastic on the strap for stay-put fit. It also wears well, both on the wrist, and shoulder. Perfect for credit cards, lipstick, mace, or cash.

Thank you for visiting, and I hope you will share these lovely products with others! And I look forward to seeing you again soon. Have a super blessed day! 

Beverly Jones/Creative Director